Value and Service

What will I get for my money?
We offer flat rate services for jobs done on Long Island , New York City , Upstate New York , New Jersey, Connecticut and Beyond. We don't have surcharges like , fuel surcharges, mileage charges etc. Read the fine print or ask the other companies when shopping around.  We are not a nickel and dime based operation.  We just provide good honest service.

Service rates are all inclusive for serving your papers, preparation of your proof of service and receipt.  We will keep you up to date with the progress of your case. We work with our clients to find the best solution for those difficult serves. We will get our Man... or Woman as the case may be. 

Upon completion of service, your proof of service will be mailed back to you unless you request us to file or E-File  it on your behalf.  This is done by request only for an additional fee . (Available in most NYS courts )

Why a Process Server over a Sheriff? 

Why Direct Process Server LLC?

The owner is a committee member in both the New York  State Professional  Process Servers Association as well  as the National Association Professional  Process Servers. He has had published articles in both associations' trade publications. Through training we are versed in the Rules of Service to  make sure your order gets served correctly the first time. We use technology  to find your defendant when you can not.  We offer online ordering and payment for your convenience. Case updated via email  to  free up  your day  from extra phone calls . 

Our job #1 is to make you look  good to  your client.     

How do I get the papers to you?
The fastest way to get things started is to email or fax your documents along with your instructions.  You can either use our order form or you can use your firm's letterhead. Most orders submitted are free of printing charges.  We do charge a modest fee to print and compile larger documents over 15 pages.  Please call or email one of our specialists for more information. 
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Serving Long Island , New York , New Jersey , Connecticut Statewide and Beyond
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 Whether you rely on statistics or direct advice from industry professionals, the process server is the preferred choice. The process server prevailed in the important areas of customer satisfaction, knowledge of the rules rules of civil procedure, speed of service, and success rate. With a small difference in cost of less than $20, an average that drops significantly for high-volume serves, can get your papers served quickly, legally, and with customer service in mind.
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